“Anti-Fascist” Activists Expel Jews from Gay Pride March

Organizers of Chicago Dyke March admit to expulsion, claim it was a stand against racism & fascism.

ARTISANAL PRESS — The Chicago Dyke March has been embroiled in controversy ever since organizers of the June 24th event unapologetically asked all attendees displaying a Star of David, the symbol of the Jewish faith, to leave. Several Jewish attendees had affixed the symbol to their rainbow flags as a display of identity. Organizers of the march have since justified the expulsion in the name of anti-fascism and anti-racism, adding (although nobody asked) their detailed opinions on how Israel is the one ancestral homeland whose descendants should have no claim to.

“We believe that gay identity is mostly defined by one’s adherence to radical left-wing political beliefs,” explained one organizer, in a series of quickly-deleted late-night tweets. “This was a ban on Zionists and one of their symbols of oppression, not a ban on Jews or the Star of David.”

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Indeed, anti-fascists such as those organizing the Chicago Dyke March have grown increasingly vocal in their opposition to the alliance between Zionists and Nazis, recently formed deep within the bowels of the Russian-controlled Trump White House.

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Left: these two Nazis think they’re fooling everyone.
Right: Jews labeled with Stars of David are asked to leave the Chicago Dyke March by radical left-wing organizers.

“I wanted this to be a sanctuary for the oppressed, not a place for the oppressor to flaunt their symbols — especially one whom I blame most of the world’s problems on,” posted one anti-fascist/anti-racist activist who attended the march, in a viral Facebook post.

Further details about this anti-fascist and anti-racist action are currently unavailable. Although our reporters were able to make contact with the organizers of the Chicago Dyke March, they wouldn’t stop ranting about some alleged “global conspiracy of the bankers” long enough to permit us to ask any questions pertaining to the June 24th incident.

A subsequent press release from the organizers was similarly unrevealing, simply instructing our reporters to “google intersectionality.”