City Braces for Filthy, Disgusting, Sickening Naked Human Body

‘World Naked Bike Ride’ forces Portland parents to explain to their children just how utterly shameful & horrific the human body is

PORTLAND, OR — They appear out of nowhere, in the dead of night — just when decent, normal Portlanders like you, me, or James Harrison are likely to be outside, enjoying a peaceful luncheon with our families. For hours, they pass by, filling the entire roadway as far as the eye can see — and our children’s eyes with tears. When they leave, they’ve taken our appetites with them. So much for lunch.

“They” are a throbbing, undulating mass of unwholesome chaos — countless naked lumps of flesh, draped over a flotilla of foot-cranked hipstermobiles. And “they” are coming to Portland. Tonight.

Star Trek
When the World Naked Bike Ride breaks out, it looks a lot like this.

That’s right. It’s the World Naked Bike Ride. There’s even plans for a debaucherous after-party — because what begins with nudity, must end with depravity.

The stench of pungent odors. The sight of unseemly creases. Those awful, soggy flapping noises. The dripping fluids; the trail of excrement. The unshakeable feeling that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. And genitalia — genitalia, everywhere.

Contrary to the common assumption, it’s not against the law to be naked in Portland when you’re riding bikes with 10,000 other people — although you would still likely be arrested if you tried to do it all by yourself. That’s because there’s a political message behind this event — making it a form of protected speech.

The message? Y’know — bikes & shit.

It takes a whole pile of bodies to make a gallon of this stuff — but at least they have the decency to keep them hidden.

Bikesters love to prattle on about “sustainability” and “saving the planet for our grandchildren” and “no blood for oil,” and other such obnoxious granola-crunching nonsense — merely weak, self-serving justifications for their little take-over-the-roads stunt. And bikesters will seize on any cheap excuse to get naked — any cheap excuse to expose the repulsive cosmic mistake that is our flesh.

Perhaps, instead, they should be asking themselves just how “sustainable” this annual attack of the nudes really is. Last year, the city had to reimburse ODOT more than two hundred and fifty million dollars for the expenses involved in hosing down the roads, after the ride had concluded.

“Bikes & shit,” indeed.

Everything about this story makes me want to fucking puke.

The event is so notorious, that is has even attracted the attention of nation-wide media like the National Report — an online newspaper that satirizes the satirical style, by ironically refraining from the use of both humor and insight. Meanwhile, locally, the uninspired smut-mill Rebel Metropolis continues to churn out sensationalized headlines on the topic, link-baiting unsuspecting visitors into its author’s online bike porn dungeon.