Earth Day: 7,000 Cities Worldwide to Symbolically Care About the Planet for One Hour of the Year

ARTISANAL PRESS — On Tuesday, April 22nd, the world will celebrate the annual coming of Earth Day in the traditional fashion — by turning off (some of) the lights, for one hour.

The dramatic annual gesture has spawned a veritable cornucopia of other “green” initiatives to save the planet. For instance, the state of Oregon will ceremonially delay the resurrection of plans to build a massive freeway expansion — by exactly one hour.

Earth Day Network
Earth Day reminds us that our current path of mindless consumerism & conspicuous consumption is leading our planet to a garbage-filled grave.

It is hoped that, by setting a good example, people within the United States can continue to lead the world in green initiatives to save the environment.

“It’s fun to sit by candlelight for an hour, and imagine a world where we come together in community every night — actually talk and share and laugh together,” shares Iman Carbonera, a local environmental clicktivist, who moved to Portland because of its progressive image for green urban planning. “It’s so quiet, too. After the hour is over, I like to get online and post about my thoughts. I get a lot of ‘likes’ because my friends are green, just like me.”

Gran Olagmo, a local self-described aficionado of nature, agrees. “I like to drive off-road, a few miles out into the middle of nowhere, so that I can spend the hour in total solitude — not a sign of civilization anywhere around me. I don’t even let the engine idle. I turn it all the way off.”

The weekend eco-warrior.

“I bring a bottle of Fijian spring water with me, to celebrate the abundant bounty of the Earth that’s available to me,” Olagmo says. “To remind myself what I’m fighting to preserve.”