Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Surfaces in Unlikely Place

Flight MH370 Found in Cup of Coffee

PORTLAND, OR — For many travelers, the term “airplane coffee” conjures up the image of a bland watery black liquid that’s served above 10,000 feet. But when SE Portland resident Gretchen Mezzo took a sip of her favorite beverage this morning, the expression took on a new level of meaning.

“I mean, every cup of coffee is a magnet for free-floating debris — cat hair, dust,” explains Mezzo. “But you never wake up and expect to find the answer to a mystery that’s captivated the world, just floating there.”

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“It tasted more metallic than usual. I guess I realized that something was wrong when I noticed that there was an airplane sticking out of my cup of coffee,” Mezzo recalls.

The airplane in Mezzo’s coffee cup was quickly identified as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which had gone missing — believed to be hijacked — more than a week ago, on March 8th, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing. The whereabouts and fate of the plane had remained a mystery until this morning.

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