Netflix Scrubs ‘Natural Selection’ from Old Bill Nye Episodes

ARTISANAL PRESS — In a stunning victory for academic freedom, Netflix has announced plans to scrub references to “natural selection” from old episodes of the 1990s TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“‘Natural selection’ is a patriarchal term, coined by a straight white male, designed to normalize the Animal Kingdom’s epidemic lack of clearly-negotiated advanced verbal consent & check-in throughout all stages of mating,” explained Netflix’s recently-appointed Director of Diversity Winne Smith, in a press release announcing the update. “It’s oppression, it’s rape culture, it’s colonization, and it has no place in intersectional science in the year 2017.”

Smith soon found smithself under fire from college professors across the nation, who objected to smis use of the term “Animal Kingdom,” in a context where the gender-neutral term “monarchy” would have worked just as well.

Charles Darwin’s legendary toxic masculinity continues to influence the way our society hyper-sexualizes all members of the Animal Monarchy, especially the primate mammal.

Netflix has subsequently issued an apology for the insensitive language of the press release, and as of the time of publication of this article, Smith’s Twitter account is no longer active.

The update marks the second time this year that Netflix has removed problematic segments pertaining to the origin & propagation of the species from episodes of Bill Nye’s original science-themed TV show, so as to keep his old material up-to-date with the latest discoveries to come out of the humanities department.