Twitter Adds Support for 141st Character

“This changes everything.”

ARTISANAL PRESS — In a bid to remain competitive with Facebook, the popular microblogging platform Twitter has quietly added support for a 141st character. Previously, users posting to Twitter had been limited to 140 characters.

“This changes everything,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proclaimed earlier today, via a tweet of his own.

Up until only a few days ago, it would have been impossible to include the “clapping hands” emoji at the end of this tweet without removing (or abbreviating) one of the previous words.

This improvement to the Twitter service comes just on the heels of last month’s announcement that direct messages on Twitter would no longer have any character limit whatsoever. Last month’s announcement prompted many analysts within the information technology industry to remember that Twitter has a direct messaging feature.

When asked via reply-tweet what Twitter’s users should do with their thoughts that require 142 characters to express, Dorsey reportedly advised: “Learn WordPress.”