Hart Noecker was innocent.

He proved it in a real court of law, as plaintiff, after an activist kangaroo court lynched his reputation.

The organizers of the Portland activist "community" are wolves-in-sheeps-clothing with aspiritions for power.

They are surrounded by an army of weak-willed people who will do, say, and believe anything they are told.

They are identitarian radicals, who created a national media circus to lie about an innocent man, on behalf of his stalker.

They helped Hart's stalker — a rejected lover — to track his movements, and harass him, for more than a year.

They blackmailed other activists who spoke out in Hart's defense, including one candidate for local office.

They made it clear to this candidate that he would recieve his own false accusation, publicly, if he did not renounce Hart.

(The Portland Intelligencer closed due to doxxing, threats & harassment because I was unwilling to go along with their lies.)

These activists believe that guilt & innocence are determined solely by skin color and genitals. They are evil.

Many of them are the same identitarian activists who destroyed the Occupy Portland movement from the inside.

False accusations are about one thing: power. That's the only thing these hate-filled activist organizers truly care about.

The mob that lynched Hart Noecker's reputation is a manifestation of the same evil that once gained power in Salem, and in Duluth.

They call it "social justice," but there is not one bit of justice on their minds, nor in their hearts.

"SJWs are the 'religious right' of the left."
—Jess E. Hadden